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Kitchen Remodeling Des Moines

Are you ready to get your kitchen remodeling started? You will love the feeling that Kitchen Remodeling Des Moines will give to your home.

We can give you kitchen ideas. We can remodel only the flooring or backsplash, or do a full kitchen renovation.

No matter what it is you are wanting to vamp up in your kitchen we are ready to do the job for you. We have a wide variety of skills and services at Kitchen Remodeling Des Moines.

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About Kitchen Remodeling Des Moines

We bring you to the most trusted Des Moines kitchen remodeling contractors around. We stick to our word when we tell you what we will get done on a job.

We fulfill our contracts to the greatest potential. We are always sure to get the job completely finished at the price point that we set. We make sure that you love it before leaving the job. If anything is not done to your expectation we are sure to get it done.

We give you all the tools and resources you need to get your kitchen remodeling done. We help you with both the ideas and designs. We also do all the kitchen installation projects you need.

This makes your kitchen renovation Des Moines a breeze. You only have to call one number to get it all done. No more searching for “kitchen remodel near me” or “kitchen contractors near me”.

Our goal is to help you create a space in your home that you love so much. Each time you walk into your kitchen we want you to feel joy and at a place of peace. Let Kitchen Remodeling Des Moines help you.

We are the most reliable of all the kitchen remodeling companies around this area. Rely on us to get your job done.

What Do We Offer?

There are many times that our clients call for one of many reasons. They may not like to do the project that they have in front of them, or there are times that they do not have the skills to do it. They may be too busy in other areas of their life to get it done.

Is this you too? If so, you will want to be sure to click our number and call a kitchen remodeling contractor Des Moines IA. We have the skills, time, and desire to get your kitchen refinished.

It is important to take the time to find a contractor that you like a lot. You are hiring them for your work at home. You need to be able to trust them not only in your home but to get the job done in the correct and accurate way.

It is common to check the background and credentials for hiring an employee. For many other businesses, it is required. You should also check the license, recommendations, and previous work for your kitchen contractor.

Each remodeling contractor we have here at Kitchen Remodeling Des Moines are all:

  • Licensed
  • Bonded
  • Well Experienced In Kitchen Remodeling
  • Diversified And Well Rounded
  • Creative In Creating Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Call our kitchen contractors today! We would love to come to give you a bid and get started remodeling your kitchen.

Meeting Your Expectations

It is a good idea to get many bids for the job before you get started. You want to be sure you are not getting ripped off and overcharged.

We have a wonderful record of fair pricing. During our consultation, we will discuss the entire kitchen remodel cost. You will not have any unknown expenses.

Have you had friends or family who has recently remodeled their kitchen? Talk to them. Get the pros and cons that they have experienced. This may save you time and heartache.

We recommend making a list of ideas and materials that you like. We will meet with you at a time that is most convenient for you. We will go over your kitchen design and add or take away anything that may not work.

Our clients have loved that our kitchen remodeling contractors are honest. We let you know when something will not look great. We give you ideas on what may look best. You will get to choose between a ton of different options.

Our kitchen designers Des Moines give you all the pros and cons of different materials. We make sure you get the kitchen design Des Moines that will look best. We also make sure you get the Des Moines kitchen that works best for your family.

We will get your kitchen done on time so you have as little time as possible without a kitchen. We know that can make life more stressful. You will be eating and cooking in a place you love very soon.


Des Moines kitchen remodeling offers all the kitchen services. We offer you new lighting and backsplash. We upgrade the entire look of the kitchen with new cabinets, flooring, or countertops. We work to make the kitchen more functional by replacing the sink and faucet. We have the equipment and skills to help in all areas of remodel.


Kitchen Lighting

Much of the time we spend in the kitchen we have our heads down as we are cooking, cleaning, and more.

This often leads to forgetting about the lights. Lighting is some of the most important components of a kitchen remodel.

It sets the tone for the whole area. We can replace your lights with can lights which make the whole area look amazing.

We can also place pendant lights over your island and under lighting under the cabinets.


Kitchen Backsplash

The kitchen backsplash does a variety of things. It determines where your eyes are drawn when you first walk into your kitchen.

It can help a lot in lengthening your kitchen or create the illusion of a taller kitchen. It can help to determine the style of your kitchen depending on if your backsplash has color or is neutral.

We can install your backsplash in many different ways. We will help to explain your options.


Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets can become a huge expense if not in your budget.

If you have them in your budget they can be wonderful for custom kitchens Des Moines.

It can save you so much time and effort to buy new ones that you like and that fits perfectly in the space you have.

There is the option to resurface the cabinets that are in your current kitchen. This can look beautiful and can update your kitchen for a fraction of the cost.


Kitchen Countertops

Your countertops are very important in your kitchen. This is where the bulk of everything happens.

You need them to be very heavy duty. It is wise to invest in great countertops that will last for many years with little wear and tear.

Granite is always a wonderful option. Quartz will also give you a great quality countertop as well.

You will want to make sure to research your countertop options well before choosing which ones to install in your kitchen.


Kitchen Flooring

The kitchen flooring must be waterproof. You do not want to risk having a refrigerator or dishwasher leak.

You will then have to replace your flooring once again. This cost will add up. You want to invest in waterproof flooring the first time.

This will avoid any bubbling or rippling in your flooring that would happen with spills, especially if you have children.

We do not recommend real wood as is it not great for being waterproof and has more wear and tear.


Kitchen Sinks & Faucets

Your kitchen sink and faucet have more options then you may think.

We can replace your sink and faucet with many different types of materials.

Including concrete, stone, copper, and many other types of metals.

We have the ability to customize it to the size and shape of your needs.

There are different colors of sinks and faucets that can meet the style and function of your desire.

About Des Moines

We are the most populated city in Iowa with 214,000 people living here. We get the name Des Moines after the river that runs along with our city.

Our major source for our economy is our financial and insurance industries. Politics set up their headquarters for campaigning here in Des Moines.

The summers do not get too hot and the winters bring snow and cold weather. It is fun to come and enjoy a professional theater show while here. These surrounding areas are fun to go enjoy as well:

  • West Des Moines, IA
  • Ankeny, IA
  • Urbandale, IA
  • Johnston, IA
  • Altoona, IA
  • Clive, IA
  • Norwalk, IA
  • Windsor Heights, IA
  • Carlisle, IA
  • And many more areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the first thing I should do when planning my kitchen remodel?

When getting ready to do a remodel you are going to want to call us at Kitchen Remodeling Des Moines IA. You will want to first set a budget. This will help when narrowing down on materials. You will then need to choose what you would like to remodel and come up with or choose a design.

How long does a kitchen upgrade take?

The time it will take to remodel your kitchen will depend on a few things. The size or your kitchen and how much you are upgrading. It may take between 4-8 weeks depending on what needs to be done. It may take longer if you have a very large kitchen space. If you have small kitchens designs then it may be closer to the four weeks.

How much value will a kitchen remodel add to my house?

10-15% is how much you can generally expect your kitchen remodel to add to the value of your home. This is if your kitchen remodel is very well thought out and executed. The better the kitchen remodel the better. People always love a nice big, open kitchen. If you can make that happen you will be better off when selling your home.

Is there anything to avoid when doing a kitchen remodel?

You may want to avoid choosing your appliances last. It will make for a much more smooth transition if you choose them first. It is much easier to fit a countertop to a refrigerator then finding a refrigerator you love that fits your space perfectly. You also will want to make sure that your most-used appliances and spaces work well together. They will need to be in a place that flows and looks nice. Our contractors will be a great help and finding what works and flow for you.

What Our Clients Are Saying

We paid the extra money for our cabinets and are grateful for it every day. The soft-close drawers have been worth every penny.

Angie D.

The communication was on point the entire time. Our contractor always let us know when he was coming and was always on time when getting his work done.

Sarah M.

I completely love how my kitchen turned out. The colors all blend so well and were done very precisely. I will recommend them to everyone.

Ruth B.

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Both small kitchen renovations or large kitchen remodeling can be stressful and overwhelming. We help you choose a design and the materials. We offer you your kitchen renovation cost upfront.

We are both a trustworthy and reliable team to work with. No more searching for “remodeling contractors near me”. We have all the skillsets you need to remodel your kitchen into a beautiful oasis.

Do not wait any longer before getting your free Des Moines kitchen remodeling consultation. You will have a baseline and solid foundation to begin your renovation.

We are happy that you are choosing Kitchen Remodeling Des Moines to do your kitchen remodel! Call for a free consultation!

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